The following topics will be investigated in the exercises at CAU multimedia lab:

  • CAU: Multi-Camera Rig Calibration, Light Field Capturing with Rig, Image-/Depth Image-Based Rendering. Supervisor: Sandro Esquivel.

The following topics will be investigated in the exercises at Raytrix:

  • Raytrix 1: Light Field Microscopy, Endoscopy, 3D Vision Stitching, Inspection. Supervisor: Arne Erdmann.
  • Raytrix 2: 3D Particle Tracking, Particle Image/Tracking Velocimetry (PIV/PTV), High-Speed Video Analysis. Supervisor: Arne Petersen.
  • Raytrix 3: RxLive Light Field Software SDK/API, 3D Metric Target Calibration, Dense 3D Filling. Supervisor: Stefano Spyropoulos.


In each lab session (Mon, Tue, Thu afternoon and Fri morning), you will visit one of the four exercises in work groups with 4–5 participants each:

  • Work group 1: Luca Palmieri, Yuan Gao, Yongwei Li, Waqas Ahmad, Elijs Dima
  • Work group 2: Gabriele Scrofani, Amir Ansari, Seokmin Hong, Mehdi Daniel Ardebili, Ole Johannsen
  • Work group 3: Christos Kaspiris-Rousellis, Maydel Fernandez Alonso, Faezeh Sadat Zakeri, Ron Op het Veld
  • Work group 4: Sergio Moreschini, Filipe Gama, Aron Cserkaszky, Oleksii Doronin

All other participants, who would like to attend some of the exercises, are free to join one of the work groups.

The exercise schedule for the work groups is fixed as follows:

Monday, 13 Mar 2017 Tuesday, 14 Mar 2017 Thursday, 16 Mar 2017 Friday, 17 Mar 2017
Work group 1 CAU Raytrix 1 Raytrix 2 Raytrix 3
Work group 2 Raytrix 3 CAU Raytrix 1 Raytrix 2
Work group 3 Raytrix 2 Raytrix 3 CAU Raytrix 1
Work group 4 Raytrix 1 Raytrix 2 Raytrix 3 CAU


Exercise slides and possibly some results from the lab sessions will be published here after the training school.


Camera Array at CAU Multimedia Lab (Image © CAU MIP)

Space Pin Connector (Image © Raytrix)

3D Light Field Telecon VR (Video © Raytrix)
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