General Information

The days are in general structured as follows (except Friday):

  • Morning sessions (9.00–10.30, 11.00–12.30): Tutorial lectures
  • Afternoon sessions (14:00–17:00): Lab sessions / Activities

Lectures will take place at Kiel University (CAU), lab sessions will take place at CAU and Raytrix GmbH (see also VENUE page).

We will have 4 groups and 4 lab sessions (3 at Raytrix, 1 at CAU, following a rotation principle) during the week where you will attend practical experiments in groups of 3–4 ESRs each.

During the noon breaks (12:30–14:00) you can have lunch at the cafeteria of Kiel University or at a nearby location as you please.
Lunch at the cafeteria is included for all participants (tickets are provided in the first lecture session). The menu for the week is available here (in English).

Further Details

The complete time table for the training school can be found on subpage SCHEDULE.

Information about the lectures can be found on subpage LECTURES. You can also download the lecture slides here.

Information about the lab sessions and exercises can be found on subpage EXERCISES.

Details on the social activities can be found on subpage SOCIAL ACTIVITIES.

EU_flag ETN-FPI (Project number 676401) is funded under the H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015 call and is part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions — Innovative Training Networks (ITN) funding scheme