Confirmed lecturers

We are glad to announce Dr. Donald G. Dansereau, as an additional lecturer!

Donald Dansereau

Dr. Donald G. Dansereau is a postdoctoral scholar at the Stanford Computational Imaging Lab. His research is focused on computational imaging for robotic vision, and he is the author of the Light Field Toolbox for Matlab. In 2004 he completed an MSc at the University Calgary, receiving the Governor General’s Gold Medal for his pioneering work in light field processing. In 2014 he completed a PhD on underwater robotic vision at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics, University of Sydney. Donald’s industry experience includes physics engines for video games, computer vision for microchip packaging, and FPGA design for automatic test equipment. His field work includes marine archaeology on a Bronze Age city in Greece, hydrothermal vent mapping in the Sea of Crete, habitat monitoring off the coast of Tasmania, and wreck exploration in Lake Geneva.


Pr. Paolo Favaro
Prof. Paolo Favaro
, University of Bern, Switzerland is the director of the Computer Vision Group. His research interests include computer vision, computational photography, machine learning, signal and image processing, estimation theory, inverse problems, and variational techniques. He is a member of the IEEE. The main topic of Prof. Favaro’s lecture will be on Light field processing, especially depth estimation, extended depth of field, super-resolution, reflection separation and motion de-blurring.



Pr. Atanas Gotchev

Prof. Atanas Gotchev,
Tampere University of Technology, Finland is a professor in Signal Processing and heads the research group on 3D Media. His recent work concentrates on algorithms for multisensor 3-D scene capture, transform-domain light-field reconstruction, and Fourier analysis of 3D displays. The main topic of Prof. Gotchev’s lecture will be on Light field sparsification and restoration of dense light field, especially compressive sensing, image dictionaries, and shearlets.



Dr. Christine Guillemot
Dr. Christine Guillemot
, INRIA, France, heads a research team dedicated to the design of algorithms for the image and video processing chain, with a focus on analysis, representation, compression, and editing, including for emerging modalities such as high dynamic range imaging andlight fields. Dr. Guillemot has long experience from research at France Telecom, and Bellcore. Christine Guillemot is an IEEE fellow, and is a 2017 IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. The main topic of Dr.Guillemot’s lecture will be on Light Fields Processing, especially sparsity and dimensionality reduction for compression and super-resolution.


Prof. Ioan Tabus

Prof. Ioan Tabus, Tampere University of Technology, Finland is a professor in Signal Processing and heads the research group on Signal Interpretation and Compression. His research interests include 3D image processing, audio, image and data compression, and genomic signal processing. He is a senior member of the IEEE. The main topic of Prof Tabus’ lecture will be on Light field compression, especially model-based and predictive lossless light field coding.


Dr. Attila Barsi

Attila Barsi, Lead Software Developer at Holografika Ltd. Attila Barsi received the M.Sc. degree in computer science from Budapest University of Technology, Budapest, Hungary, in 2004. From 2005 to 2006, he was a Software Engineer with DSS Hungary. Since 2006, he has been a Software Engineer, and then, a Lead Software Engineer with Holografika, Budapest. He is the author or coauthor of several conference and journal papers. His research interests include light fields, real-time rendering, ray tracing, global illumination, and GPU computing.



Roger Olsson

Dr Roger Olsson, Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden, is a Senior Researcher(PhD) in Telecommunications. Co-founder of research group Realistic 3D. Co-supervisor of PhD students.Research interests in Computational Photography; 3D rendering, Multi-view and Light field videocompression.Member of the IEEE.




Prof. Mårten Sjöström, Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden, is Professor in Signal Processing. Senior member of IEEE. Head of research group Realistic 3D at Mid Sweden University, with focus on Multidimensional signal processing and imaging (3D and Light field video capture, processing, compression, rendering and quality
assessment). Previously chair (main organizer) of EU COST Training School on Plenoptic Capture, Processing and Reconstruction 2013, Co-applicant and WP-leader of European Training Network for Full Parallax Imaging, publication chair and tutorial chair at 3DTV-conference at different occasions.


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