ESR13 Oleksii Doronin

my_photoOleksii Doronin: Research project 13, “Interactive full-parallax 3D display”

Industrial institution: Holografika (Budapest, Hungary).
Academic institution: Tampere University of Technology (Tampere, Finland).

Work done so far:
GPU ray tracing for HoloVizio display.
Screen-space ambient occlusion for HoloVizio display.
Non-linear interpolation in optical module images for HoloVizio display.
Interaction with virtual scene on HoloVizio display.

Work in progress:
High-dynamic range eye adaptation (tone mapping) for HoloVizio display.

Doronin O., Kara P.A., Barsi A., Martini M.G. Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion for Light Field Displays. WSCG 2017 Short Papers Proceedings, pages 139-146.
Doronin O., Barsi A., Kara P.A., Martini M.G. Ray Tracing for HoloVizio Light Field Displays. Accepted to the Proceedings of Stereopsia 2017.

Academic background:
Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev, Ukraine.
2006 — 2010: Bachelor of Mathematics.
2010 — 2012: Master of Statistics.