ESR13 Oleksii Doronin

my_photoOleksii Doronin: Research project 13, “Interactive full-parallax 3D display”

Industrial institution: Holografika (Budapest, Hungary).
Academic institution: Tampere University of Technology (Tampere, Finland).

Work done so far:
GPU ray tracing for HoloVizio display.
Screen-space ambient occlusion for HoloVizio display.
Non-linear interpolation in optical module images for HoloVizio display.
Interaction with virtual scene on HoloVizio display.

Work in progress:
High-dynamic range eye adaptation (tone mapping) for HoloVizio display.

Doronin O., Kara P.A., Barsi A., Martini M.G. Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion for Light Field Displays, accepted to proceedings of WSCG 2017, Pilsen, Czech Republic.
Doronin O., Kara P.A., Barsi A., Martini M.G. Ray Tracing for the HoloVizio Light Field Display, submitted as a conference paper.

Academic background:
Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev, Ukraine.
2006 — 2010: Bachelor of Mathematics.
2010 — 2012: Master of Statistics.