ESR15 Yuan Gao

yuan_gaoYuan Gao: Research project 15, “Large-scale lightfield capturing and multimodal data fusion for full-parallax imaging” (Christian-Albrechts-Universitatät zu Kiel)


“The first phase of my work is almost finished, which is about Kinect v2 calibration. Now I am in Fraunhofer IIS for a three-month secondment period, and the current research is about depth image warping and combination with disparity map. I gave a short presentation about my work and our lab base to the colleagues in Fraunhofer.”


Gao has a B.E. degree in Intelligent Science and Technology from Xidian University, Xi’an (2012), and  a M.S. degree in Computer Applied Technology from Peking University, Beijing (2015). His research mainly focuses on the computer vision area, e.g., Light Field Rendering, Object Detection, Facial Expression and Gender Recognition etc.




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