ESR9 Luca Palmieri

luca_palmieriLuca Palmieri: Research project 9, “Efficient metric surface reconstruction and motion analysis from microlens-based plenoptic images”(Christian-Albrechts-Universit¨at zu Kiel)

“During the first sixth month of my research (starting on April, 20th 2016), I was able to gain a wide knowledge about the state-of-the-art techniques used in my field of study, develop a deep understanding of the steps involved in the process, and set up a working environment where different techniques can be tried and evaluated. Right now the focus of my studies is oriented on the best possible solution for the challenging task of depth estimation using microlens array-based image. The literature is wide on the subject regarding light field, but for my specific task some issues with the correct choice of the lenses to be used and the methodology to be adapted for the disparity estimation are still open questions, which I am currently addressing. I attended both First and Second Training School (respectively in Newcastle, UK and Valencia, Spain) as part of the project, the Hamburg 3DTV conference and now I am taking care of the administration of the Image Based 3D Reconstruction course and the recording with a HD camera and a 360◦ camera in order to provide an immersive experience (like the famous CS50 course from Harvard University).”

Luca holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Information Engineering and Telecommunication, both from University of Padua, Italy. During his Master’s studies, he spent one year in the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (Spain) enrolled to a Erasmus Program. His studies are currently focused mainly on Computer Vision with a keen interest 3D Reconstruction of the scene.



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