Training School 3 in March 2017 – Website published!

Training school 3 on “Plenoptic Sampling” will take place at Christian-Albrechts University (CAU) and Raytrix GmbH in Kiel, Germany during March 13–17, 2017

During the 5-day training school we will cover theory and practice of plenoptic sensing devices, data acquisition from lens-based lightfields, and production of test data. The expected instructors of the training school are:

  • Reinhard Koch, Professor of Multimedia Information Processing, Kiel University.
  • Sandro Esquivel, Post-doctoral Researcher, Kiel University.
  • Christian Perwass, CluTec, formerly at Raytrix GmbH, Kiel.
  • Bastian Goldlücke, Professor of Image Analysis and Computer Vision, University of Konstanz.
  • Joachim Keinert, Chief Scientist, Department Moving Picture Technologies, Fraunhofer IIS.
  • Karol Myszkowski, Senior Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Informatics.

For more information, visit TS3 website