Training schools


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Six Training Schools (TS) will be organized for providing in-depth teaching on subjects within the five training fields forming the full parallax imaging fundamentals. They shall establish a collaborative environment also by assigning collaborative project assignments. Lectures will be given by experts from the beneficiaries, partner organizations, as well as by world-wide renowned individuals.

The following training schools are planned. The list includes the main organizer, the tentative period, and the topics to be addressed:

  • TS1: 3D Displays and the Human Visual System – Newcastle University, May 2016 (Physiology of eye and visual brain; Visual illusions; Depth perception, Binocular disparity; Psychophysical techniques).
  • TS2: Optical Foundations of FPI – University of Valencia, Sept. 2016 (Single and multiple axis imaging systems; Geometric and wave optics; Processing of images of 3D scenes; Micro and macro scales).
  • TS3: Plenoptic sensing – Christian-Albrecht University Kiel and Raytrix Gmbh, March 2017 (Theory and practice of plenoptic sensing devices; Data acquisition from lens-based lightfields; Production of test data).
  • TS4: Researcher Development – Newcastle University, Jan. 2018 (Creativity, problem solving, critical thinking; Data management; Team work and leadership; Time management; Communication skills; Public engagement; EU Research Concordat).
  • TS5: Rich visual data representation, interpretation and compression – Mid Sweden University, May 2018 (Representations and formats for FPI data; Analysis and interpretation of FPI data; Visual masking and perceptual thresholds; Image and video compression applied to FPI data; Computing architectures).
  • TS6: Innovative Leadership, Entrepreneurship and IPR Management – Tampere University of Technology and New Factory Ltd, Nov. 2018 (Leadership of collaborative and multi-cultural teams; Innovative entrepreneurship: from concepts to scalable and global business; Innovation and IPR management; R&D contracting).

All training schools are open for everyone to participate including people outside of the network. Please contact the specific training school organizer or the project coordinator for enrolment/attendance details.


EU_flag ETN-FPI (Project number 676401) is funded under the H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015 call and is part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions — Innovative Training Networks (ITN) funding scheme