Welcome to SundsvallWelcome to the IEEE SPS Summer School on “Light Field Data Representation, Interpretation, and Compression” at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden during May  28 – June 1, 2018! Last date for registration and payment of the fee at Early bird prices is April 30, 2018.

The training school is a post-graduate education event for engineers, computer scientists, researchers, PhD-students, and other individuals interested in an overview and deepened knowledge of Light Field Data Representation, Interpretation, and Compression. Its main purpose is to create an innovative training environment, which promotes learning an attractive part of Signal Processing, and provides facilities and expert lecturers for training internationally competitive researchers in the fields of advanced Signal Processing, all needed to support the next stage of visual media.

Light field Signal Processing

Truly recreating visual reality requires a full-parallax experience that can recreate the complete lightfield, i.e. all light travelling in every direction through every point in space. Recent years have seen major developments towards this goal, promising a new generation of ultra-realistic capture, processing and displaying with applications in medicine, informatics, manufacturing, entertainment, gaming.

Light field has had a great deal of attraction in the Signal Processing community in recent years. This part of computational photography continues to develop with new interpretations and processing of light field data. The downside of light field is the plentiful amount of data, which now is being addressed by new compression algorithms in both MPEG and JPEG. Achieving all this will require graduate students, early stage researchers, and practitioners with background in Signal Processing specialised on processing this specific data.

Read more of the addressed topics that will be discussed from both theoretical and practical perspectives, i.e. lectures and exercises on the pages Programme and Lectures 

Call for participation_IEEE SPS Summer School_2018 – updated version as of February 16 (Pdf document)

University Education

Participation at the training school can be of a pure interest to broaden your knowledge in an expanding field. Those who are interested in having a formal recognition of the training school (e.g. PhD students) will have the possibility to obtain university credits. Four (4) university credits can be obtained for students that follow lectures, participate in exercises and discussions, present a poster of his/her own research and write a report of 3-4 pages on a specific subject related to the knowledge obtained at the training school.

Welcome to Sundsvall – Sweden’s most beautiful city

Sundsvall has recently been voted as the most beautiful city in Sweden. The city is a dream for anyone who loves towers and thorns, façade paintings and decorative details. Take the opportunity to extend your visit to Sundsvall! There are many places to visit with beautiful nature both inside and outside Sundsvall. Read more about Mid Sweden University and Sundsvall under Venue and Travel.

Co-located event

The 3DTV-Conference 2018 in Stockholm – Helsinki – Stockholm June 3-5 2018.
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